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Couple and Family Psychology is a broad and general specialty in professional psychology that is founded on a systemic epistemology, including explicit awareness of the importance of context, diversity, and developmental perspectives, to understand, assess, and treat the comprehensive issues of psychological health and pathology, including affective, cognitive, behavioral, and dynamic factors across individuals, couples, families, and larger social systems. The crucial element of the specialty is a thorough systemic conceptualization and the application of systemic concepts to human behavior. CFP includes a body of knowledge and evidence-based interventions that require specialty competence (Stanton & Welsh, 2011). 

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There are six types of ABPP applications, and each has its own requirements and fees.

  1. Early Entry (for pre-licensure individuals)

2.  Standard or Regular Track

3.  Early Career Psychologist (those with no more than 10 years of licensure)

4.  Training Director

5.  Senior Track (those with > 15 years of experience meeting specified criteria)

6.  Psychologist who is already Board certified

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