Senior Track Options

Couple and Family Psychologist Senior Track

The Senior Track was established to recognize the accomplishments and contributions of those who have been working in the field of couple and family psychology a minimum of 15 years after receiving their doctoral degree. Post-doctoral residencies count toward this 15-year total. In the event the person has spent some of this period working part-time, part-time segments may be added together to make up the total time requirement.

Demonstration of Senior Track Eligibility

Eligibility for the senior track option is determined via a review of the applicant’s vita and other written materials that demonstrate substantial and recognized contribution to the field. If the applicant is deemed not to meet all requirements for “Senior” track eligibility, it will be advised that he or she go through the Board certification process in the regular track instead. (Seniors who prefer submitting the traditional clinical practice samples are welcome to do so.)

Clarification of Eligibility

Senior track eligibility is determined based on two criteria: years of practice and substantial contributions to the field.

Criteria 1: Years of Practice: Fifteen or more years of practice as a family psychologist in the roles of clinician, researcher, academician, supervisor and/or consultant.

Criteria 2: Significant and sustained contributions to the practice and science of family psychology may include but need not be limited to:

  1. Fellow status in the APA Society of Couple and Family Psychology
  2. Articles published in professional refereed journals on couple and family psychology topics.
  3. Books published by reputable publishers on couple and family
    psychology subjects.
  4. Service on couple and family psychology professional journal editorial boards.
  5. Serving as a couple and family psychology journal editor.
  6. Presenting at professional conferences.
  7. Doing clinical case consultations at facilities in your community.
  8. Presenting workshops and seminars for professional audiences.
  9. Supervision of graduate students, junior staff members, independent
    practitioners who have sought your services.

Senior track applicants must demonstrate a significant and sustained impact on the field of couple and family psychology.