Couple and Family Psychologists Against Government Policy of Mandatory Separation of Children from Parents

The Trump administration’s decision to separate children from their families is racially motivated psychological annihilation. The effect is to deprive children of essential psychological and emotional nurturance, and it is akin to robbing them of food and water. The resulting injury is not temporary but profoundly affects brain development causing permanent damage. Further, once taken from their parents the children are incarcerated, and care for their health and wellbeing is inadequate. This cruelty is purposely happening outside of the public eye with plans to move children to military bases further from public scrutiny. Every parent knows that this action is cruel and unusual punishment. As couple and family psychologists, we also know that silence is complicity. These acts are unconscionable. We ask that Congress urgently intervene and create legislation to uphold basic human rights.
— Christen A. Carson, PhD, ABPP, President American Academy of Couple and Family Psychology

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