Congratulations to the first winner of the AACFP Doctoral Student Grant!

The American Academy of Couple and Family Psychology is pleased to announce the first winner of our Doctoral Student Grant! The winner is Alexander Khaddouma, Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. His dissertation is titled, “Examining the Longitudinal Effects of Mindfulness on Young Adult Dating Relationship Outcomes.”
Mr. Khaddouma described his research as follows:

The ultimate aim of my research program is to develop efficacious, empirically-supported relationship therapies for a wide variety of relationship issues and specific populations. Within this framework, I am particularly interested in the role of mindfulness in the health and functioning of romantic relationships, as well as the utility of mindfulness techniques in the context of relationship therapies and education programs. My dissertation study examines the longitudinal associations between interpartner trait mindfulness and the sexual and relationship functioning of young adult dating couples. Ideally, this research will help build a foundation off which to design and implement interventions that will directly benefit communities and promote relationship health. Moreover, I hope that this work will help to elucidate the specific elements of mindfulness that may be utilized and adapted for relationship therapies, and determine how future interventions may be best implemented. I hope to continue and expand this research program into the future.

The American Board of Couple and Family Psychology looks forward to his application to the ABPP early entry process! Congratulations again, Mr. Khaddouma!

Christen A. Carson, PhD, ABPP
President Elect, American Academy of Couple and Family Psychology

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